Knowing what to look for in a Property Manager

The operation of a successful property requires access to the right tools. Hiring the right property management firm to meet your needs is the first step towards operating a property successfully.

To narrow the search and begin the evaluation process, request a tour through the management company’s head office and properties. Next, consider these three critical factors to achieve success: Value Enhancement; Operations Control and Financial Management. We believe a balanced combination of all three factors is key to adding value to your real estate investments.

Value Enhancement

  • Does the company understand and are they committed to your objectives?
  • Do they have the skills to identify and act upon the available opportunities?
  • Are they committed to creating and finding new opportunities?
  • Will they capitalize on these opportunities to improve the net operating income and enhance the value of the property?
  • Will they meet your requirements?

Operations Control

  • Is there a cohesive team of experienced professionals?
  • Are they prepared to manage to your expectations?
  • Will their systems address your needs whenever you need them?
  • Do they have a reputation of operating with integrity?

Financial Management

  • Will they diligently work to collect your rent?
  • Do they negotiate favourable terms from suppliers and trades?
  • Will they prepare a long-term capital expenditure plan?
  • Do they provide consistent and meaningful financial reports that are timely and accurate for you to effectively monitor the status of your property?

Focusing on you – the owner, GLEN CORPORATION is here to provide assistance and support in the areas of property management, maintenance, leasing, accounting and finance. As a privately owned Canadian company, we share your needs as property owners.

We have a full range of property management services delivered by our dedicated team of in-house specialists. We are focused on providing you with practical, flexible and cost-effective solutions that get results. Whether you are looking for marketing assistance or property maintenance – GLEN CORPORATION can help.