At Glen Corporation, we strive to meet and exceed your needs, getting you results by:

  • Creating value by utilizing proven GLEN CORPORATION programs
    Result: improved Net Operating Income by increased revenues and cost control
  • Identifying opportunities
    Result: long term property appreciation
  • Improving and maintaining tenant satisfaction through proactive tenant retention programs
    Result: high occupancy levels at the upper range of market rental rates
  • Using established standard operating procedures & systems
    Result: high quality services to our clients and their tenants
  • Maintaining efficient preventative and corrective maintenance programs
    Result: minimize unplanned and unnecessary costs
  • Pursuing, diligent, prompt and professional collection of rent
    Result: maximize owner revenue by minimizing tenant defaults
  • Maintaining an effective financial control system including preparation of annual budgets, submission of periodic operating and financial reports, and advising our clients of financial and operational opportunities
    Result: informed owners who are able to make prudent business decisions
  • Keeping abreast of the political and economic environment affecting the real estate industry, including trends in occupancy, municipal planning, rental rates, and purchasing power
    Result: management of properties as value driven owners expect and deserve